Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I missed the early signs of Dementia (Alzheimer's), will You?

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Looking back, there is little doubt in my mind that if I had had the proper education or information I would have realized my mother was suffering from dementia sooner.

My mother is 91 years old and suffers from Alzheimer's disease. I am her Caregiver. This is our story.

Most people like me tend to ignore the symptoms at first believing they are simply signs of "old age"
Anyone who ends up in my shoes knows and understands that a person in the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s can function with some normality
even drive a car
behavior changes slowly in the elderly and if they begin to suffer cognitive impairment it will be evidenced in behavioral changes
Sometimes these changes can be quite subtle but if detected could raise a “red flag”
I feel certain she would have been diagnosed with dementia sooner
This would have allowed me to get her in an exercise program, get her proper nutrition
The woman in the picture is my 91 year old mother
She suffers from Alzheimer’s disease
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