Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tau drug shows early promise in Alzheimer's

An Alzheimer's drug that
attacks abnormal tangles in the brain appeared to slow progression
of the disease, British researchers said on Tuesday, but doctors
cautioned that the results are early.

The drug, made by private biotechnology company TauRX and called
Rember, produced a significant improvement in key measures of
thinking and memory in people with moderate Alzheimer's disease,
company officials said.

The drug is among the first to attack tangles of tau protein in
the brain that are strongly associated with dementia in Alzheimer's

"We've demonstrated for the first time we can halt the disease
by a treatment that aims to dissolve the tangles," said Claude
Wischik of the University of Aberdeen and chairman of TauRX
Therapeutics in Singapore.

The researchers tested 321 patients with mild to moderate
Alzheimer's disease at 17 centers in the United Kingdom and
Singapore, they told the International Conference on Alzheimer's
disease in Chicago.

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