Friday, June 22, 2012

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Alzheimer's World -- The New Reality

Bob DeMarco Alzheimer's Reading Room
To understand Alzheimer's
You must redefine reality
This new reality is called
Alzheimer's World

Imagine communicating with someone for 50 years or longer. Then they change. They are not the person you always knew? If not, then who are they? Who?

This person you always knew, starts acting and coping with the world in new and different ways. Strange, bizarre, unsettling ways. Many of these new behaviors make you angry, they drive you crazy, you feel out of sorts. You just can't understand.

You continue to try and make sense of what is happening in the way you always have. It doesn't work. 
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Dotty Went to Heaven Four Weeks Ago

Dotty went to Heaven
I did not mentioned this before. 
I have Dotty right here with me. Of course I mean her ashes. I must tell you, after I brought Dotty back home I felt very happy. It was comforting to have Dotty back home. 
I am thinking about Dotty quite a bit. But, if you have been reading along then you know only in a very positive vane.

I want to say this clearly. There are absolutely no ill effects from Alzheimer's. I wrote a long time ago that I forgot that Dotty had Alzheimer's. Instead, I thought of her as deeply forgetful. It is very easy in my opinion to deal with forgetfulness.

In my current opinion, the "forget" is what it is all about. Forgetfulness drives most of the behaviors, feelings and emotions. So to combat that I often lent Dotty my brain, and mainly, I plugged into  memories, not memory. 

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My Best Day as an Alzheimer's Caregiver

My mother, Dotty, didn't laugh or smile for two years. It was killing me. I couldn't get away from it. Just one look at her staring into space and it all came raining down on me.

I'm fortunate. I received a great education, learned how to do research, and I like to gobble up information.

I put together a sophisticated alert system using Google, and then almost everything that had to do with Alzheimer's and dementia came pouring into my email box. Over time, I continue to improve my systems.

Many times, you get an article or research report and it leads you to investigate additional information. This is what happened to me and lead to what is really my best ever caregiver moment.  
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