Saturday, June 23, 2012

Alzheimer's Clips News 102

Good Afternoon 

Hospitalization of Alzheimer's Patients Can Lead to Cognitive Decline and Death

A new study confirms that for patients with 
Alzheimer's disease, hospitalization and delirium pose a particular risk and can lead to adverse outcomes, including hastened cognitive decline, institutionalization and death.
One of my greatest fears was that Dotty would get sick and end up in the hospital. Or worse, that she would end up in the Hospital and die there. 

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Dotty's Path To Heaven

What was the change that Dotty needed to make before she went to Heaven?

For years Dotty would tell me she was going to die. 
Sometimes she said soon, sometimes next year, sometimes she would tell me she was going to live to be a hundred years old. Sometimes she said she wished she would die. She sometimes said, I would be better off dead. 

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