Thursday, June 28, 2012

Alzheimer's Clips News 105


The Most Powerful Dementia Communication of Them All, The Smile

The smile can have a cumulative positive effect if you give of it generously and often.

I'll start with a simple question, how many times each day do you consciously, and actively, try and elicit a smile from the person you know that is deeply forgetful?

How many times, How often?

How many times each day do your hold their hand, or make contact and smile? Just smile, no words.

Are you actively aware of the importance of the smile in Alzheimer's communication?    

Did Dotty Survive Alzheimer's?

When I saw the image of the objectionable Alzheimer's ad, newly adorned with Dotty's familiar picture, I felt hopeful and inspired and energized.

Pamela R. Kelley
Did Dotty survive Alzheimer's?

Oh yes, indeed. Dotty certainly did.

She lived a life so completely contrary to the common expectations conjured by the word "Alzheimer's". She survived the diagnosis, the dreadful word, and continued to live, to imagine, to love, to sing and enjoy her good fortune.

She managed all that, and lived a good, long life despite being saddled with the complications imposed by disease in her later years.

Though she had a disease, she wasn't only her disease. She was wonderfully, beautifully, authentically human until she drew her final breath.    

May 30