Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Alzheimer's Clips News 109

Alzheimer's Reading Room Writers and Contributors

Bob DeMarco, Founder

Bob DeMarco is the Founder and Editor of the Alzheimer's Reading Room, and an Alzheimer's caregiver. His mother Dorothy, now 95 years old, suffers from Alzheimer's disease. Prior to moving to Delray Beach, Florida to take care of his mother, Bob was CEO of a software development and marketing company, and a veteran Wall Street Executive.
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Can Alzheimer's Patients Read Your Face

I can say this with confidence. You have a much better chance of having a good day if you get it started with a smile.

Can a person that is deeply forgetful read your face? Most of the scientific evidence says no. I agree, I don't think they can. 
Think of it this way. When you know someone well can you read their face? Probably. 
Sometimes when I first see a person I know well, I say what is wrong? I ask before they say a single word. How do I know something is wrong? By the look on their face. Maybe they don't feel well, maybe they just received some bad news, or maybe they are troubled by something. I can tell this by looking at their face. I bet you can do it too.      

Test Your Memory for Dementia in 15 Minutes (SAGE)

The research from this Alzheimer's memory test, Self-Administered Geocognitive Examination (SAGE), shows that four out of five people (80 percent) with memory issues will be detected by this test. 
Ninety-five percent (95) of people who are normal thinking (memory) will have normal SAGE scores.