Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cocktail Improves Memory, Letting Go, Communication, What Do You Want?

Souvenaid Improves Memory in Patients with Early Alzheimer's

A clinical trial of an Alzheimer's disease treatment developed at MIT has found that the nutrient cocktail can improve memory in patients with early Alzheimer's.  

Letting Go

As her dementia progressed, I became increasingly concerned about her living alone. I was anxious to get her out of her condo. She needed to be somewhere where she could be looked after.  

Alzheimer's Communication, the Sender, Message, and Receiver

We the caregivers tend to get angry, confused, and frustrated. Of course, most of the time we blame the deeply forgetful for being angry, confused, and frustrated.  

Creating Moments of Joy: A Journal for Caregivers

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