Sunday, September 30, 2012

Alzheimer's News September 24

Alzheimer's News September 24

Alzheimer's Caregiver Just Let Them Do it

Several months after my great Alzheimer's caregiver idea, I received one of the biggest shocks of my Alzheimer's caregiver life. A shock that sent me into a tailspin like I had never experienced previously in my life -- it sent me to the edge of total despair. 

Dementia Patient Wanders, Found 124 Miles from Nursing Home

Alzheimer's  patients are often capable of doing things you could never imagine. This man proves once again there is more there than most of us "can" imagine. 

How Long Should an Alzheimer's Patient Sit on a Chair? And What Should He Do Next?

"I don't know what to want," he said.

Alzheimer's and Wandering


Alzheimer's Disease Statistics


My Dad -- Missing and Found

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