Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Granny B Chicago

We will continue to live and love at whatever stage he is at. My name is lost but the loving eyes are still there. Thank you God!

Alzheimer's Reading Room

Granny B Chicago left the following comment under the article, Alzheimers Caregiver Why are the Little Things Bothering You?

Granny B Chicago Writes
I do not know if the is the "place" to tell my story (one of them)....but here goes.

I paid close attention when my husband started repeating things/losing things/etc and got help as soon as I could convince him to "let" me go to the Dr. with him.

His wonderful Dr. referred us to a neurologist that continues to help me.

Family and friends thought I was jumping the gun to say that Jerry had Alzheimers.

I always called it a memory problem because Jerry did not want to be like his Dad...who had Alzheimers.

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