Monday, October 8, 2012

The Gift of Caregiving

Without your sacrifice, your noble efforts, your great love, this world would be a much diminished place.

By Tom and Karen Brenner
Alzheimer's Reading Room

The Gift of Caregiving
How you live with dementia depends completely on your own attitude.

We cannot change the condition itself, but we can change how we approach this enormous challenge in our lives.

We are still in a relationship, even a partnership with the person we love who has dementia. However, we are the only partner in this relationship who can decide how to think, how to behave, what to believe, how to cope.

The person living with dementia, obviously, is being propelled on a journey over which they have very little or no control. We still have control (even though it may often feel that we don’t).

We can still make attitude adjustments, course corrections, seek help and ask for respite for a few hours or a few days. The person living with dementia has none of these choices available to them.

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