Thursday, January 31, 2013

Daniel Stern on The Other Place, Dementia

It’s very intense. There were times when I jumped in my chair. I was crying at one point; the people around me were crying. There seems to be a very deep, visceral reaction to what’s happening onstage.

Daniel Stern
Daniel Stern: Absolutely. I see the audience have to sit in their chairs for five minutes afterward to recover from it.

And meeting people outside the stage door, so many people have had this dementia in their family and it touches so many lives besides the people who get it, the affected family members too.

The play takes you inside her mind in a way and you feel what it’s like to be losing that grip. And then my character stands in for the rest of us who has to try to negotiate this person slipping through your fingers, who you think is really there but isn’t really there.

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