Tuesday, February 26, 2013

FAU earns Florida's first special Alzheimer's center license

A Boca Raton adult day center is the first in Florida to receive a new license certifying it has advanced qualifications for Alzheimer's and dementia patient care.

The Louis and Anne Green Memory and Wellness Center was named a "specialized Alzheimer's services center" by state officials, a designation that requires adult day centers to meet stricter regulations and provide additional staff. The center, which serves 132 people, is part of Florida Atlantic University's Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing.

The license, created by legislation last year, is aimed at giving consumers more guidance when picking a day center for their loved ones. To get the license, the specialized centers must have: A registered or licensed practical nurse on duty at least 75 percent of the time; working alarms or security devices on all exterior doors, to keep patients from wandering; and a ratio of one staff member for every five people.

Barbara Curtis, manager of the Boca center, said FAU already was meeting most of the additional standards when it applied for the license. "But our families feel even more confident in us now," Curtis said.

People must be diagnosed with dementia by a physician, physician's assistance or advanced registered nurse practitioner.

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