Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Memories, Memory, Alzheimer's Dementia

By then I realized that Alzheimer's is not an automatic brain death, that you could live your life (we did), and yes there is more there than you can ever image in the brain of a person who is deeply forgetful.

I thought, why is everyone so obsessed with memory? What they should be obsessed with is memories.

Memories, Memory, Alzheimer's Dementia
I'm sitting here thinking about when I first realized that Dotty was suffering from dementia. 

No other word to describe it -- Burden. 

An enormous psychological and emotional burden. I decided to drop out of the world and take care of Dotty.

A few people immediately understood. They understood my relationship with my parents, so they weren't surprised.

Most people were surprised. I was surprised that they were surprised. I thought, if not me, who is going to do it?

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