Sunday, May 5, 2013

Alzheimer's and the DIfficult Bowel Movement

I already wrote about how I beat urinary incontinence and bladder infections. That solution is not perfect. Poop. No enema, no pills, no laxatives. How I won the Poop-E war.

By Bob DeMarco
+Alzheimer's Reading Room 

Alzheimer's and Bowel Movement
I really wanted to entitle this article Alzheimer's and the Magic Elixir. However, I am not using anything to mask the taste of my solution so it just didn't fit. 

I also considered Alzheimer's and the Poop Panacea.Panacea does fit -- panacea is a literary term to represent any solution to solve all problems related to a particular issue.

Note:I wrote the first version of this article years ago. This article is being republished and re-opened for new comments and discussion.Like most Alzheimer's caregivers, I did give up more than once in my early years as a caregiver.

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