Thursday, August 1, 2013

For the Win: Puzzles To Remember

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Max Wallack

Max Wallack, a 17-year-old junior at Boston University, is the founder of PuzzlesToRemember.

He cares deeply about Alzheimer’s disease and has authored a paper on the topic in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease as well as a new children’s book entitled, Why Did Grandma Put Her Underwear in the Refrigerator?

He is currently a Research Intern at the Molecular Psychiatry in Aging Lab at the BU School of Medicine and plans to pursue neuroscience.

For his work, Max was honored as a 2011 Hasbro Community Action Hero, an award recognizing outstanding young service leaders presented by Hasbro in partnership with generationOn, the global youth service enterprise of Points of Light.

I was still very young when I first recognized my calling in life. My early experiences helped me grasp the importance of what I might accomplish if I could succeed at practicing medicine with compassion.
I can still recall, at the age of nine, with sleepy eyes, taking my post for the night. It was my turn to sleep on the floor at the door to Great Grams’ room and to sound the alarm if she should try to escape. Great Grams had attempted several previous escapes, once—convinced that her family was trying to harm her—she made it to the corner where she flagged down a truck and hopped inside.

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