Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Player’s Concussion, a Family’s Ordeal

Now, seven years and one crushing hit later, he is one of the more than 3,000 former N.F.L. players who are suing the league over concussions.

Mitch White
At 34, White is unable to work and is sometimes so debilitated by migraines that he cannot care for his two young daughters.

He takes as many as eight medications at a time to ease his headaches, to smooth his erratic moods, to soothe his sleeplessness. He spends much of his time exploring treatments to find relief that rarely lasts longer than a few days: Botox injections, massage, sensory deprivation.

“What he fears is early-onset Alzheimer’s,” she said. They do not expect much money from the lawsuit, although White is convinced that the league concealed for years its knowledge of the potential risks for players. They hope that improved education about concussions will prevent someone else from going through what White has.

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