Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sixth graders raise $4,330 to fight Alzheimer’s

Early in the spring of 2013, Gilda Meier’s sixth grade students ran a bake sale for Alzheimer’s and raised $70. Later in the spring, these same students ran the first Alzheimer’s Walk run by students in the nation and raised $4,330.

Gilda Meier, teacher and some of the students walking to raise money to fight Alzheimer’s.
From left to right Delaney Walsh, McKinley Walsh, Alexandra Hart, Bianca Laubuschagne
and Karley Smith. —Ben Shaw photo

After being motivated by Scott Russell, an early onset Alzheimer’s patient, and being involved in legislative action for respite money for caregivers, Ms. Meier’s English class took on an even greater challenge. They organized the Father’s Day walk at the Ridgefield Recreation Center and focused on students and what they could do to help with the cure.

The entertainment for the event was provided by a middle school band, Apollo’s Creed, and George Brennan.

The related activities included a bake sale with special gourmet cakes, hair streaking, face painting, creating alzi animals, a book booth, a wellness table etc.

+Bob DeMarco , +Alzheimer's Reading Room

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