Monday, December 9, 2013

David Cameron - Transforming Britain's Response to Dementia

This week, the most powerful nations in the world will come to London for the first-ever G8 Dementia Summit. 

David Cameron

Here I want to give my personal take on what we’re doing to beat this terrible condition, and why there’s hope for the future.

Dementia is, quite simply, a national crisis. In the UK today around 800,000 are living with the condition. Beyond them are the many husbands, wives, daughters, sons and friends who are also profoundly affected.

As Prime Minister I have met many of these people and listened to their stories – and as a father, son and husband I’ve been incredibly moved. It is hard to imagine what it must be like to watch someone you love slipping away from you, perhaps even unable to recognise you. Yet every day in our country, hundreds of thousands of people face this challenge with patience, courage and love. They have my deepest respect. And they have my pledge: that we are transforming Britain’s response to dementia.

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